Why CusBoa?

Zero Commitment , 100% ROI

No deposit to get started. Get a high profit margin with zero start-up cost.

Zero risk

All affiliate income is commission based. Transaction is safe and secure, solely between CusBoa and Affiliates.

Zero fee ready-made software

Deposit and maintenance fee-free to brand and customise your own brand.

Onboarding support

CusBoa support team provide all website setup assistance, as long as you’re a partner.

High exposure

Easy to start your brand with high exposure from the affiliates shares, and boost organic traffic & SEO ranking.

Real-time reporting

Track and manage the affiliates performance in real time.

What is CusBoa?

CusBoa, All-in-one business solution, customization & affiliate earning platform.
CusBoa offers a range of services:
Fully integrated business solutions
Customizable website editor
Affiliate marketing to increase brand exposure
Real-time tracking and managing earnings
Boost your passive income from as CusBoa Affiliate members
Start your business with CusBoa fully integrated software now. One click and your website will be up.

How It Works

Instant registration
Easily onboard with free registration! *Always free. Always*
All-in-1 business solution
CusBoa professional team to handle all your business operation setup, including payment gateway, operation, game provider, IT support and more. All you need to do is customise your website.
It may be our website, but you still get to make it your own brand by uploading your logo, template and other customization features from CusBoa ready-made website editor. *Fee-free*
Publish and share
Share it with the world and track the sales! *Stress-free*
Instant commission *Risk-free*

Who needs Cusboa?

Solutions to fit every marketing need.
Entrepreneur / Anyone who want to start an own business
Zero cost trial run your business and earn without any commitment. CusBoa ready-made customizable platform, dedicated support team and affiliate income help get high ROI with no hassle.
Anyone who looking for passive income
Easiest forms of passive income to get started with, as long as you have the network.